Being her

​She was afraid, she was brave,

She wanted to walk, she wanted to fly,

She wanted to run, she wanted to crawl,

She was talkative, she was solemn,

She wanted to laugh, she wanted to cry,

She wanted peace, she wanted fuzz,

She was empty, she was full,

She wanted to love and be loved,

She was as simple as a complication should be.

She was her.


​True love hits you only once.

 When it does, it hits you hard,            Breaks your bones,                                  Tears your heart,                                        And shatters you to pieces.

But remember, the only thing that can save you from the wreckage is the same love.

 When it hits you,                                        Hold it tight,                                                Snug and close,                                        Never letting any escape.

And make sure you hit back the hardest.